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Time to Check Your Tech!

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  1. COVID messaging
  2. Current store hours
  3. Shop at home services
  4. In-store appointments
  5. Special hours for at-risk customers

Keep these things in mind and connect with us if we can help!

Creating Your Space™ Launches Design Now AI Visualization

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Feb. 7, 2020 – Creating Your Space™ is pleased to announce its latest retail dealer and builder visualization technology marketing tool, Design Now.

Design Now utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), allowing consumers and salespeople to take a picture of their room and within seconds view the dealer’s flooring products in their space to help finalize the buying decision. What better way to engage a consumer than to help them visualize the products they want to purchase with their furniture, wall colors, and the home’s natural lighting.

Molyneaux Flooring in Pittsburg was the first client to introduce Design Now and has been using visualization to help close business since this summer. During a recent in-home appointment, one of their salespeople experienced the power of this tool. “I presented the job and pricing, and the customer said everything sounded good, but they wished they had bigger samples in order to make a decision. I then went to my Design Now visualization tool. I used the picture I had already taken of the living room and input the color of Patriotism the customer was interested in. Both the customer and his daughter were highly impressed and said that the picture gave them a good enough idea as to how the new carpet would look and decided to purchase right then and there. I’ve made it a habit of having the visualization tool already up and ready before each appointment, for this exact reason.”

Although there are other visualization tools in the flooring market today, Design Now is unique in multiple ways:

Comprehensive, Custom Product Catalog

  • Each dealer customizes their product catalog from the hundreds of flooring brands and hundreds of thousands of products available to visualize in Design Now. From the most durable wood flooring to peel-and-stick carpet tiles, the consumers are designing with products the dealers have in their showrooms!
  • Other flooring visualization tools are limited to one or a few brands with limited products to choose from


  • Professional, custom videos in 15, 30 and 60-second versions to promote the program on TV, YouTube, Social Media, dealer’s website and elsewhere
  • Digital marketing campaigns designed and customized to drive consumer interactions
  • Dealer’s website customized to feature Design Now

Limited Distribution

  • Due to the marketing program accompanying Design Now, distribution will be limited by market area. 


  • Design Now creates leads for dealers by capturing the consumer’s contact information

Why are these features important? Because Design Now is part of the selling and closing process, it is a tool to create leads with marketing, and it is a differentiator in the marketplace.


Creating Your Space™ provides digital marketing solutions to their member companies. Founded by flooring industry veterans, the company creates dynamic custom websites as well as offers a full complement of technology solutions, including SEO platforms, social media campaigns, digital advertising, and other services. Creating Your Space™ is part of the Broadlume family of brands providing professional digital marketing services for the flooring and kitchen & bath industries.

New Countertop Videos to Engage and Educate

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Creating Your Space™, the leader in digital marketing technology for flooring dealers, has launched their new countertop videos for natural stone slabs. These educational videos are the next series in the extensive product knowledge video collection Creating Your Space provides to their dealers for use in their custom websites, social media, and in-store to engage and educate consumers.

Click Here to View Videos

The natural stone countertop series includes two videos; one “Before You Buy Natural Stone Slab Countertops” and two, “Care and Maintenance.” In Before You Buy, consumers learn essential product information, what to expect from a natural stone slab, edge treatments, and seaming. This video inspires through beautiful imagery while educating and setting realistic expectations.

Before You Buy Natural Stone Slab Countertops

The care and maintenance video demonstrates the proper cleaning techniques for natural stone and provides information on the correct type of products to use while also showing what not to do when caring for a natural stone slab countertop.

Natural Stone Slab Maintenance

Next up in the video series will be Quartz countertops. To view the new countertop videos as well as the flooring video collection, visit here.

Creating Your Space™ provides digital marketing solutions to their member companies. Founded by flooring industry veterans, the company creates dynamic custom websites as well as offers a full complement of technology solutions, including Search Engine Optimization, social media campaigns, digital advertising, and other services.