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Taking Great Photos & Videos for your Website

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Your website is beautiful and engaging, but does it tell YOUR story? One way that you can make your website more connected to your business and your brand is by adding photos and videos.

Why are photos and videos important? Photos grab the viewer’s attention, especially visual learners and can tell a story faster than asking someone to read a lot of text. Photos are great because they are easier to produce than videos. Both are valuable, so read on to see what works best for you.

Is video really that important? “Over 90% of people say they discover new brands or products on YouTube” – Google Videos used for marketing have shown to grow revenue by 49% compared to their non-video-using competitors.

People connect with photos and videos because it gives them the opportunity to see what you can do for them. For example, if a potential customer sees before and after photos or a video showing an outdated bathroom that they have and then they see that if they shop with you they can have the personal spa retreat bathroom they’ve always wanted…that’s all it takes for the person to want to choose you over someone else. (Then, when they see your name again online from retargeting ads, it makes you the obvious choice – more on that in another post)

First, don’t be intimidated by photo or video. If you have a smartphone from the last couple of years, you’re ready to get started. It’s easy to succeed with photo and video with these tips:

  1. Keep the phone steady to prevent blurriness.
  2. Make sure there’s good lighting. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you can use your phone or apps to edit photos.
  3. Keep background noise to a minimum.
  4. If people are in the photos or videos, ask permission before posting on your website or social media. Encourage them to take a look and share with their friends once they are posted.

Need ideas? What types of photos or videos should you create?

For video: Answer FAQ’s or Q&A’s, store announcements, quick tips, introduce new products, talk about trending products, share behind-the-scenes info. Help people get to know you and want to prioritize you with showroom tours, a meet the team video series or simply tell your story about how you got started and what’s your why. If you’re not ready to be on camera, you can create a video with still photos.

For photos: add installation photos to your gallery or portfolio page. If you can’t take the after photos yourself, ask your customer to take a photo after all of the furniture and accessories are back in place. This will get you a better picture and flatter your customer. Let them know that you like their project so much that you’d like to feature it on your website. This will encourage them to take a look when it’s posted and show their friends! While you’re in communication, ask for a review on your website.

Other ideas include, create a meet the team page or add photos on your about us page or individual location page, on your homepage add a cute pet in the showroom sitting on a beautiful floor. Lastly, everyone loves before and after photos.

Video Tips:

  1. Create your own videos, do not borrow from other brands
  2. Make short yet valuable videos – think about what people want to see in order to choose you
  3. Try to capture their attention in the first 10 seconds
  4. Use a call to action at the end to suggest what you’d like the viewer to do next

Take a look at these examples:

Showroom Tours: CAP Carpet and Sacwal Flooring Centres

Photo galleries with installation photos: C&H Installation and CAP Carpet

Just send your photos or videos to (or if you’re used to sending them to, that’s ok too.) and let us know where you’d like them to go on your website and we will get them added for you!