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Social Media Contest & Promotions Guidelines

Written by Broadlume on . Posted in Social Media

Creating contests and promotions for your business on social media is a helpful way to drive traffic to your page while creating a positive brand image. Social media contests are free promotions from your brand that utilize a social media platform to reach a wider audience while drawing attention back to your brand. For example, we helped our client, Sarmazian Brothers Flooring, hold a social media contest on their social media. The contest featured a “giveaway” of a free area rug.

In order for Sarmazian Brother’s Flooring to hold a social media contest, there were some guidelines that Instagram and Facebook want businesses to follow. Today, we are going to discuss those rules, so you can post a social media contest with full confidence.


*Rules Subject to Change
Creating Your Space Client Example

While Instagram wants you to include these various aspects into your contest, they also do not want you to include the following:


*Rules Subject to Change

While Facebook owns Instagram, they are a little more strict with their contest procedures. On a Facebook giveaway, you will need to include all of the above-listed items in your post to ensure it is in good-standing with Facebook. Like Instagram, Facebook also has a “no, no” list in which you want to be sure not to include any of the mentioned items.

Are you still feeling a little uncertain and want to leave it to the professionals? We would love to help you at Creating Your Space. For more information on our social plans, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Creating Your Space. Thanks for reading, and let us know below what you think!