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How to Take a Good Picture Inside Your Home

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Our Virtual Room Designer is an excellent resource for homeowners looking to experiment with designs before actually committing. We saw a demand in the marketplace for customization and decided to take it one step further by creating the Design Your Room feature. It offers users with the opportunity to upload a digital picture of their own room and be able to see how different floor coverings and paint colors would look throughout their space.

With our recent celebration of the 10,000 room upload to Design Your Room, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips and tricks for taking a great picture inside your home. Let’s take a look! 

Slow and Steady

A blurry photo can make or break the outcome of a picture. To steady your camera, we recommend using a tripod or even a flat surface to help stabilize it. By making this minor adjustment, you will see a tremendous difference in the quality and overall look of your picture. 

Get Low

When capturing a photo indoors, getting closer to the ground can be more beneficial. Ideally, you will want your picture to be at eye-level. This will help create that seamless look you see in magazines. 


While stabilizing your camera to take the photo, you may want to adjust the camera to make sure that it is straight on and not tilted. It is quite easy to have the camera lean one way or get a little more of one area of the room, but you will want to try and get a nice straight-on shot. 

Let There Be (Natural) Light

It can be tempting to use your flash while taking indoor photos, but we recommend trying to rely as much as you can on natural lighting. Open up your curtains and let the natural light flood your space. Sunlight can help create a flawless, filter-like look in rooms that is quite desirable. If you do decide to incorporate natural light, we also recommend turning off your artificial lighting. 

All About the Angles

A great way to make sure that you get “the shot” is to capture the room from a bunch of different angles. You can capture a photo near the doorway or from the corner of the window to get different looks. After you finish taking your photos from different angles, you can see which one looked best and reshoot from that same area until you get the perfect shot.

Taking the perfect photo is easier than it may seem. With these five simple tricks, you will be able to master indoor photography. Thanks for reading!