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Reasons Why Social Media Is Essential for Communications During a Crisis

Written by Broadlume on . Posted in Social Media

Social media is a viable and imperative tool for crisis communication. In fact, it can often be your company’s front-line communication source for emergency situations. If you are curious to understand why social media has a significant impact on your followers, here are four reasons why social media is essential for crisis communication:


Think about how easy it is to post something to social media. It is quite easily one of the fastest platforms for posting communications during a crisis. That being said, this feature can be a positive and a negative attribute. Since speed is your friend with social media, you need to take into account what you are saying.


Your social media posts are deliberate. They are directly and distinctly from your brand. Remember, you are talking directly to your audience; therefore, your post needs to be well-thought and consciously done.


As we previously mentioned, social media can be your first source of communication in regard to a crisis. Often, social media is where a consumer will first hear about a crisis; therefore, your response will be anticipated.


Let’s be honest; social media is a p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l. tool. Almost everyone is on social media. The reach that social media can provide your message is astronomical.

With these facts in mind, it is important for your social media message to be a well-thought-out response. Since nothing can truly disappear from the internet, you want to be present, deliberate, and fast during the time of crises.