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End of the Year Digital CleanUp

Written by Broadlume on . Posted in Take action!

It’s the end of another calendar year and chances are you’ve accumulated a lot of digital clutter. Now is a great time to clean things up, get rid of things you don’t need and start out the year organized and ready to go.


Take the time to unsubscribe from lists and newsletters that no longer interest you. You’ll be so much happier not deleting useless emails each day!


Review your website to make sure that the information is all current. Are there sections that you promised you’d go back and fill out, but never got around to doing?

Product Catalog:

Take the time to clean up your website product catalog. Remove unwanted items and make a list of new items that need to be added.

Email signature:

Does your email signature have a photo? Does that photo look like the current you? It’s important to have a photo that looks like you do – today!

Social Media:

Go through your social sites and check your profile settings to make sure the information listed is still correct.

Google My Business:

Take a look at your Google My Business listing. Is all of the information current and accurate? Are there current images that need to be added?

Cell Phone:

Go through your phone and delete any unused or unwanted apps. Your phone will thank you for it!


Clean up recurring calendar appointments. Make new ones if needed. Add important reminders like cleaning up your product catalog quarterly.

Taking the time to do these things will make you more productive in 2022!