Shoelace: Google’s New Social App

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You may have been familiar with Google’s past app, “Google+.” A couple of months ago, Google called it quits on Google+, and now they have recently unveiled their newest app, “Shoelace.” Although Shoelace is still in beta testing, here is what we know about it:

Shoelace’s Mission

“To use technology to help facilitate real-world connection.”

Shoelace’s Purpose

When we look closely at the app’s mission, Google wants to use Shoelace to connect people in real-life (AKA the app will get people off their technology and into the real world with real people).

Shoelace’s Testing

Currently, Shoelace is being beta tested throughout the city that never sleeps, New York City. Eventually, Google hopes to expand the app’s use all over the United States.

Shoelace’s Ability

When a user is on the app, they will be able to select activities that interest them. Once they choose these interests, the app will present them with a “Loop.” A loop will be a list of local events suggested for that the user’s profile. After, the user can then go to those events and enjoy real-life interactions with people who love the same things as them.

What are your thoughts on Google’s second-go-around with a social app? Does it interest you? Let us know below in the comment section!

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