Social Media Team Trip | Summer 2019

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Photo Captured by Amanda Marotta

Our social media team, Shannon, Julie, and Amanda, recently went to California for a trip filled with education, strategy, and team bonding.

On the first day of their trip, the team headed to Oakland for a social media conference. The conference was filled with a variety of topics including Google Ads, Search Optimization, and Keywords. Additionally, our social media team received advanced training in Facebook and LinkedIn advertising to continue their growth and knowledge about the new changes in the industry. After the conference, our social media team began to strategize new approaches and ideas for our clients.

Our Social Media Team: Julie, Amanda, and Shannon

The rest of the week, our team began to construct new social media approaches for our clients. In fact, they were so excited about the new processes that they have already begun implementation.

Social Media Specialist, Amanda, even captured new headshots for Shannon and Julie, so be sure to visit their Creating Your Space team member profiles here.

With that being said, our social team did take time away from their screens to regroup and bond as a team. While social media is an incredibly useful asset to any business, it is important for our team to take a moment away from their computers and recharge before they return to becoming even more creative.

Our social media team had an absolute blast getting to know one another and bonding. They are incredibly excited to share, implement, strategize, and form their new ideas. Be sure to stay tuned and ask about our upcoming social media plans.

New Countertop Videos to Engage and Educate

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Creating Your Space™, the leader in digital marketing technology for flooring dealers, has launched their new countertop videos for natural stone slabs. These educational videos are the next series in the extensive product knowledge video collection Creating Your Space provides to their dealers for use in their custom websites, social media, and in-store to engage and educate consumers.

Click Here to View Videos

The natural stone countertop series includes two videos; one “Before You Buy Natural Stone Slab Countertops” and two, “Care and Maintenance.” In Before You Buy, consumers learn essential product information, what to expect from a natural stone slab, edge treatments, and seaming. This video inspires through beautiful imagery while educating and setting realistic expectations.

Before You Buy Natural Stone Slab Countertops

The care and maintenance video demonstrates the proper cleaning techniques for natural stone and provides information on the correct type of products to use while also showing what not to do when caring for a natural stone slab countertop.

Natural Stone Slab Maintenance

Next up in the video series will be Quartz countertops. To view the new countertop videos as well as the flooring video collection, visit here.

Creating Your Space™ provides digital marketing solutions to their member companies. Founded by flooring industry veterans, the company creates dynamic custom websites as well as offers a full complement of technology solutions, including Search Engine Optimization, social media campaigns, digital advertising, and other services.

Creating Your Space™ Color Technology

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Creating Your Space™, the leader in digital marketing technology for flooring dealers, is pleased to announce its color technology tools for use in their dealer’s custom websites.

84% of consumers say that color is the primary reason they buy a product according to a recent survey published on color psychology. The challenge for flooring retailers marketing multiple brands is that every supplier identifies and categorizes their colors differently. Creating Your Space™ has programmed a solution that enables the consumer to shop for flooring like they want to – by color!

This technology categorizes by RGB value every product image in each dealer’s custom product catalog – this could include hundreds of thousands of images – and sorts by 11 primary colors. Regardless of brand, product type, or style, the products are categorized and available to filter quickly and easily.

Creating Your Space has introduced two separate interactive tools based on this color technology – the ColorBar and More Like This. ColorBar enables the consumer to start the process by color or choose a product style and then sort by color. Within seconds, the product selections are narrowed down to the best products that match the consumer’s color preference.

More Like This is designed to help the consumer find complementary products by color in the product type they have chosen or across product types. Now the consumer can, in one click, find the best vinyl plank flooring, best engineered wood flooring, or best faux wood flooring products for their kitchen—that coordinate perfectly with the carpet in the adjacent great room.

Shopping by color is something that consumers have always done instinctively and now Creating Your Space™ enables them to do just this as they shop online before entering the store to buy flooring.

Creating Your Space™ provides digital marketing solutions to their member companies. Founded by flooring industry veterans, the company creates dynamic custom websites as well as offers a full complement of technology solutions, including Search Engine Optimization, social media campaigns, digital advertising, and other services.

Social Media Contest & Promotions Guidelines

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Creating contests and promotions for your business on social media is a helpful way to drive traffic to your page while creating a positive brand image. Social media contests are free promotions from your brand that utilize a social media platform to reach a wider audience while drawing attention back to your brand. For example, we helped our client, Sarmazian Brothers Flooring, hold a social media contest on their social media. The contest featured a “giveaway” of a free area rug.

In order for Sarmazian Brother’s Flooring to hold a social media contest, there were some guidelines that Instagram and Facebook want businesses to follow. Today, we are going to discuss those rules, so you can post a social media contest with full confidence.


*Rules Subject to Change
Creating Your Space Client Example

While Instagram wants you to include these various aspects into your contest, they also do not want you to include the following:


*Rules Subject to Change

While Facebook owns Instagram, they are a little more strict with their contest procedures. On a Facebook giveaway, you will need to include all of the above-listed items in your post to ensure it is in good-standing with Facebook. Like Instagram, Facebook also has a “no, no” list in which you want to be sure not to include any of the mentioned items.

Are you still feeling a little uncertain and want to leave it to the professionals? We would love to help you at Creating Your Space. For more information on our social plans, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at Creating Your Space. Thanks for reading, and let us know below what you think!

Social Media Conference | August 2019

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Our social media team attended a conference in Oakland, California yesterday. At the conference, they learned everything from Google Analytics to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) in order to bring you the very best experience as a Creating Your Space customer. Since we are continuing our education in order to stay ahead in the industry, we are excited to share all of these newfound tools and tricks with your business. So be sure to stay tuned because we cannot wait to implement these new strategies.

Is a Supplier-Provided Visualizer for You?

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Reader Question: Should I add a supplier-provided visualizer to my website?

Answer: You may have gotten a message from a supplier encouraging you to add their visualizer to your website. Here is our take on it: of course, we will add whatever you choose, but we want to be sure that you are completely informed of what happens when consumers use this tool.

Your online consumers are leaving your website, and any lead generated by their activity is going to Engineered Floors, not to you. We know how hard you work and what you invest in getting consumers to your website to convert them into leads, and we do not want you to miss any opportunities!

If you have a website from Creating Your Space, the new updated visualization tools you have available from us providing the following:

  • Products from over 200 brands (including EF) for consumers to choose
  • Surfaces other than flooring they can visualize
  • Ability to visualize their rooms in their home immediately
  • Most importantly, the ability to convert that user into a lead via registration or saved room information

In conclusion, we want you to be aware of the facts before we proceed with adding a supplier-provided visualizer to your website. Of course, we will do whatever you choose and want to make sure your satisfaction is at the forefront. If you have any additional questions on the topic, please do not hesitate to contact us below in the comment section.

Shoelace: Google’s New Social App

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You may have been familiar with Google’s past app, “Google+.” A couple of months ago, Google called it quits on Google+, and now they have recently unveiled their newest app, “Shoelace.” Although Shoelace is still in beta testing, here is what we know about it:

Shoelace’s Mission

“To use technology to help facilitate real-world connection.”

Shoelace’s Purpose

When we look closely at the app’s mission, Google wants to use Shoelace to connect people in real-life (AKA the app will get people off their technology and into the real world with real people).

Shoelace’s Testing

Currently, Shoelace is being beta tested throughout the city that never sleeps, New York City. Eventually, Google hopes to expand the app’s use all over the United States.

Shoelace’s Ability

When a user is on the app, they will be able to select activities that interest them. Once they choose these interests, the app will present them with a “Loop.” A loop will be a list of local events suggested for that the user’s profile. After, the user can then go to those events and enjoy real-life interactions with people who love the same things as them.

What are your thoughts on Google’s second-go-around with a social app? Does it interest you? Let us know below in the comment section!

New Website Visualization Tool

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We are incredibly excited to launch our brand new website visualization tool. It is like the virtual room designer tool you already love with brand new, powerful features!

With our new tool, you will have access to industry-leading visualization technology, new and improved scenes, and an easy-to-use, consumer-friendly format.

Not only that, but our new tool has a brand new feature: the “point & click consumer room upload.” With this unique feature, consumers can upload a picture of their room and instantaneously view your products in their space—regardless of whether they’re looking for the best vinyl plank flooring brands, different types of tile, or even the best hardwood floors! With this added feature, it gives your consumer the efficient process they desire with your products featured throughout the space.

Do not miss out on this amazing new feature! Learn more about this visualization tool here or contact us at for more information.

Social Media Terminology

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Do you ever look at your social media report and see a word that you are not quite sure what it means? If so, do not worry; you are not alone! Social media terminology can be overwhelming at first, but our hope is to help clear up any words you may be uncertain of their meaning. If you do not see the word you are unsure of listed below, please leave us a message in the comment section, and we will tell you exactly what it means and how it applies to your company. For now, we are going to focus on the main social media concepts and their meanings. Let’s get started!

Social Media Platform

A social media platform refers to various social sites; this can include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Houzz, Pinterest, YouTube, etc.


The number of likes, retweets, shares, and comments that your social media post received.


The number of times your page’s content has been seen by platform users.


The number of people that have seen content associated with your page.

  • Post Reach: Number of unique social media users that saw your social post
  • Page Reach: Number of social media users that saw any content you posted on your page
  • Organic Reach: (Unpaid) Number of social media users that saw your content without paid promotion
  • Paid Reach: Number of social media users that saw your content with some sort of paid promotion

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Organic use of search engine to promote traffic to a website

Social Media Analytics

Clear data highlighting your social media platform(s)’ marketing strategies (brand awareness, impressions, reach, page consumptions, etc.)

Social Media Listening

Tracking keywords via social media to see when your brand/product is mentioned online.

Social Media Monitoring

Goes hand-in-hand with Social Media Listening. You utilize the data you find via Social Media Listening to respond to your brand mentions.


When a brand/person is “tagged,” it links back to their page.


# represents a hashtag. A hashtag allows users to find similarly based information from a keyword or phrase. (Ex: #Starbucks would reveal content relevant to Starbucks whether that be photos, posts, or videos).

News Feed

A home page that displays the content and people you follow all in one easy-to-access place.

DM (Direct Message)

A private conversation between two social media users.


A set of formulas created to perform specific functions (Ex: Instagram Algorithm helps show more relevant content by showing followers that you interact with the most, first in your feed).

Clickthrough Rate

A social media metric that represents the number of times a user clicks through divided by the total number of impressions your post receives.


@ + username (ex: @creatingyourspace) is considered a social media handle.


When someone uses another user’s handle (ex: @creatingyourspace), in order to get their attention or share content with them.


Retargeting is a social media strategy that reshows users a product/page that they have recently viewed in order to encourage them to purchase the product.


An action on Twitter where a user reshares your content to their page for their followers to also see.

We hope you found these definitions helpful and if you did not see a word you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

How to Handle Negative Reviews like a Professional

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Yikes; that gut-wrenching moment just hit where you check your business on social media and see a negative review. The review is tearing your company apart, and you are afraid of what it will do for your business. Before you panic, know that negative reviews are more common than you may think. Consumers often take to social media to express their frustrations. Unfortunately, as businesses, we suffer the consequences since social media is a public platform for them to deface your brand. So what do you do? To help our customers address these negative reviews, we have three simple steps for them to follow. Let’s take a look!

You Have to See It to Believe It

The first step in addressing a review is actually noticing that there is a negative review out there. It is generally a good idea to do a social media sweep weekly of your pages’ reviews. This includes Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Often, potential customers look to social media for references and an unaddressed negative review can be bad news. Luckily, addressing it properly can help reshape your image in the potential customer’s eyes. Remember, they are watching how you respond to the client. You want to be posed and professional when addressing a past client publicly. It is always a good idea to reference facts without accusing. A potential client will take notice of how you respond and decide whether or not they want to do business with you.

Know the Facts

Before you address a negative comment, you will want to gather all of the facts from the said incident. If you were not personally involved in the matter, be sure to talk with your employees to understand what had happened and why the client is upset. Remember, you are a business, and your client’s happiness is essential. Try to address the situation from their point of view. If you were upset about a company doing something you saw as wrong, would not you want them to address your concerns? Likewise, you should address it for them. Be sure to gather all the intel you can before proceeding.

Rectification Over Reputation

Your image is at stake; we understand that, but now is not the time to get defensive. Ideally, you want to change their mind while looking like the “good guy” to those who are watching. If you want to make this more personal, which we recommend, you can mention in your response that you are going to reach out to them. Whether it be a phone call or email, you should privately address the matter out of respect for their situation. If you do decide to address the situation publicly, we recommend following these guidelines:

  • Respond quickly.
  • Try not to take it personal. It is important to stay level-headed in situations like these. You always want your responses to be poised and professional.
  • If you feel like the situation will not end here, it is not worth the battle. Some people are bitter on the inside and nothing you say or do will make it better.
  • Be direct and honest. It is best to keep it short as well.
  • Do not take responsibility if it was not your company’s fault.
  • Be empathic. Think like a consumer and try to step into their shoes. What would you want to hear in this circumstance?

In essence, address the negative review with kindness, honesty, and empathy. In the end, some people are just angry on the inside and just want to be mean. You cannot let those reviews bother you. Just address what you can personally, but you can include it in your response: “Thank you for your review. We appreciate your honest feedback and want you to know that your response has not gone unnoticed. We would like to personally reach out to you via a phone call to address the situation you mentioned and rectify it to the best of our abilities. We appreciated your business and would love to address this matter for you.

If you have any questions about negative reviews, please do not hesitate to leave a comment.