Digital Marketing Terminology

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To help our clients understand their digital marketing reports, we created a glossary. We hope these definitions help give you more straightforward meanings and insights into your reports.

Average Position

Is an average of where your ad appears on a Google search results page.

A/B Testing | Split Testing

Commonly used in e-newsletters, email subject lines, social media advertising, call-to-action, and landing pages, A/B Testing is a test where there are two versions of a landing page and ultimately see which performs better over the other one.

Note: The difference in the landing page can be very minor (i.e. changing a font or button).


Adwords by Google gives you the opportunity to place ads on Google, YouTube, and other Google ad sites.

Ad Extensions

Additional information that you can add to Google Adwords ads (addresses, callouts, click-to-call, reviews, etc.)

Banner Ad

A digital marketing ad that uses an image across the banner section on different websites.


B2B refers to business-to-business interactions.


B2C refers to business-to-consumer interactions.

Bounce Rate

The percentage of email addresses in your subscriber list that didn’t receive your message because it was returned by a recipient mail server.

Churn Rate

The number of consumers lost during a specific period of time.

Cost Per Click (CPC)

Is a pricing model and metric. It’s most commonly used in Google advertising. You only pay when a consumer clicks on your ad.

CPM – Cost Per Thousand:

Is a pricing model and refers to the amount you pay to show your ads to consumers. For example, 10,000 ad impressions at a $5 CPM would cost $50.


When a consumer sees your ad and they click on it to go to your landing page.

Click Rate

The percentage of the number of unique clicks divided by the total number of sends.

Click-Through Rate (CTR)

A social media metric that represents the number of times a user clicks through divided by the total number of impressions your post receives.


When someone clicks on your ad and completes a desired action, such as a phone call or form fill.

Conversion Rates

The average number of conversions per ad interaction, shown as a percentage.


The number of likes, retweets, shares, and comments that your page received.

Google Analytics

Google platform that analyzes data brought in from the web, including traffic, conversion, etc.


Hypertext Markup Language is a collection of codes that tells the web browser how to display a webpage’s content.


The number of times your page’s content has been seen by platform users.


Content that was paid to be displayed (i.e., an ad).


These are words or phrases used in your campaigns that are highly relevant to your products and services that assist Google in placing your ads in front of interested consumers—best hardwood floors or cost to install engineered hardwood flooring, for example.

Landing Page

The entry page to your website.

Meta Data

Two to three lines that appear in a Search Engine result (i.e., Google).


Free traffic to your content.

Post Reach

Number of unique social media users that saw your social post

  • Page Reach: Number of social media users that saw any content you posted on your page
  • Organic Reach: (Unpaid) Number of social media users that saw your content without paid promotion
  • Paid Reach: Number of social media users that saw your content with some sort of paid promotion

Search Engine Optimization | SEO

Organic use of a search engine to promote traffic to a website.

Social Media Analytics

Clear data highlighting your social media platform(s)’ marketing strategies (brand awareness, impressions, reach, page consumptions, etc.)


The number of people that have seen content associated with your page.

We hope you found these definitions helpful, and if you did not see a word you were looking for, please do not hesitate to contact us in the comment section. Thanks for reading!

How to Like Facebook Content as Your Business

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When you are an admin of a business on Facebook, you have the ability to like a post as either yourself or the business. It is essential to understand the difference and how to change between the two. Liking content that your business posted as your business can look unprofessional. On the other hand, liking content that your business posted as yourself (your personal Facebook account) is absolutely okay! In fact, it is more than okay.

To help our clients differentiate between the two actions, we created a simple visual tutorial for you:

In this example, we will be focusing on the imaginative business, The Flooring Business, which is owned by John Smith.
When you see a post on Facebook, you will see it look like this. You will notice four icons: the like, comment, share, and your business icon with a small arrow next to it. Notice, this post was shared by our example business “The Flooring Business.” Now say, John Smith wants to like this post. . .
When you see the profile picture for your business in the small circle on the right, it means that ALL ACTIONS will be completed as your business. For example, if you were to right now, like, comment or share this post – you would be doing so as your business. Now, you do not want to do that since your business created this post (double-sharing is not recommended).
To switch between your business and personal account, locate the small arrow next to your business icon. Remember, when your business profile picture is seen in the small circle on the right, it means all actions will be done as your business.
After you click on the small arrow in the righthand corner, you will see your two profiles. You can switch between your business profile and personal profile in the section. Notice that, currently, your business profile is highlighted. That means it is in use and whatever action you will do; you will do as your business.
To switch to your personal profile, simply click on your profile name (i.e., John Smith). Now, any action you do from here on out is going to be as yourself not your business.
As you can see, your profile picture is now located in the small circle. Whenever you are trying to determine whether you are liking it as your business or as yourself, look at the icon in the small circle.

Remember, you can always like your business’ content as yourself, but you should avoid liking or re-sharing content that your business posted as your business. As your business, you can respond to comments made on your business page. If you are still a little confused, please do not hesitate to leave us a comment, and we would be happy to address it for you.

*Facebook’s setting may change after this post’s publication date.

19th Annual Member Conference

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We are overjoyed and thrilled with this year’s 19th annual member conference in Napa Valley, California. Over the course of the two-day conference, attendees were equipped with new ideas, tools, and strategies to implement into their builder channel and retail flooring businesses. This included the official launch of Design Now, the newest visualization tool for Bridgeway and Creating Your Space with direct application to both retail consumers and new construction homebuyers. 

This year’s theme, “passion-in all that you do,” was interwoven into all aspects of the conference from the business sessions to the social gathering. The topics ranged from leadership and empowerment from the beloved, keynote speaker Randy Walton to systematic and implementation discussions from the knowledgable staff at Creating Your Space.

All in all, it was a fantastic event, and we cannot wait for next year. We would like to say a special thank you to all of the attendees, our valued clients and vendor partners, for their continued support of our conference. It was an absolute pleasure hosting our annual member conference, and we look forward to next year’s event. Please enjoy some of our favorite highlights from this year: 

How to Take a Good Picture Inside Your Home

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Our Virtual Room Designer is an excellent resource for homeowners looking to experiment with designs before actually committing. We saw a demand in the marketplace for customization and decided to take it one step further by creating the Design Your Room feature. It offers users with the opportunity to upload a digital picture of their own room and be able to see how different floor coverings and paint colors would look throughout their space.

With our recent celebration of the 10,000 room upload to Design Your Room, we wanted to share some of our favorite tips and tricks for taking a great picture inside your home. Let’s take a look! 

Slow and Steady

A blurry photo can make or break the outcome of a picture. To steady your camera, we recommend using a tripod or even a flat surface to help stabilize it. By making this minor adjustment, you will see a tremendous difference in the quality and overall look of your picture. 

Get Low

When capturing a photo indoors, getting closer to the ground can be more beneficial. Ideally, you will want your picture to be at eye-level. This will help create that seamless look you see in magazines. 


While stabilizing your camera to take the photo, you may want to adjust the camera to make sure that it is straight on and not tilted. It is quite easy to have the camera lean one way or get a little more of one area of the room, but you will want to try and get a nice straight-on shot. 

Let There Be (Natural) Light

It can be tempting to use your flash while taking indoor photos, but we recommend trying to rely as much as you can on natural lighting. Open up your curtains and let the natural light flood your space. Sunlight can help create a flawless, filter-like look in rooms that is quite desirable. If you do decide to incorporate natural light, we also recommend turning off your artificial lighting. 

All About the Angles

A great way to make sure that you get “the shot” is to capture the room from a bunch of different angles. You can capture a photo near the doorway or from the corner of the window to get different looks. After you finish taking your photos from different angles, you can see which one looked best and reshoot from that same area until you get the perfect shot.

Taking the perfect photo is easier than it may seem. With these five simple tricks, you will be able to master indoor photography. Thanks for reading!

Tips & Tricks for Mastering Instagram

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Instagram was invented in 2010, and since then, it has taken over the social media industry. Loved for its ease-of-use, aesthetic appeal, and simplicity, Instagram has 1 billion active users on it each month (HootSuite). As you can see, it is quite influential in the social media game. In fact, it can be a monumental asset to your company’s social strategy.

If you are new to the concept of using Instagram for your business, do not hesitate to get started. Instagram is easy to learn for newcomers, and it can help you reach a wider audience with minimal effort. Today, we are going to focus on four tips and tricks you should utilize for your business’ Instagram. Let’s get started!

Detailed Captions

With Instagram posts, you always want to include detailed captions. Captionless posts can cause confusion, uncertainty, and decrease your brand’s reliability. When posting to Instagram, you want to make sure that you include detailed captions for users to engage with your content. Let the users know what the image is about without delivering three full paragraphs on it. It is all about balance. You may have to take some time to find a happy medium for your business, but eventually, you will find what length of a caption works best for your company.

That being said, the first line of your Instagram caption should always be the most important line. This is because the first line is used for a tag line on search results. When your post appears on Google, a potential customer will only see your company name and the first part of your caption; therefore, you need to make sure that you always place the most important part first.


Hashtags (#) are an incredible asset to businesses. In fact, they can help you reach your target audience. Now, before we dig into hashtags, it is important to note that there is such a thing as too many hashtags. Too many hashtags will actually affect how and when your content appears on someone’s timeline (algorithm). Therefore, it is important to take notice of how many you are using and make sure they fully pertain to the post. If not, Instagram may rule you out as “spam” and place you further down in the algorithm.

Now, you may be wondering what type of hashtags to use on your content–the answers: relevant, searchable, and short hashtags. Hashtags are the pound sign (#) followed by a word or group of words that help users discover your company’s content. For example, say you own a bakery called “Fresh and Warm,” and you want people to discover your most recent post about cinnamon rolls. You can utilize hashtags in your caption area to help users find the post. For instance, your caption may be “Fresh and Warm is proud to announce that we officially sell warm and gooey cinnamon rolls! Be sure to stop in today before you head to work to add a little flavor to your day. #Bakery #CinnamonRolls #BakedGoods #Pastries #Yum.

As you can see in the example post, if you were an Instagram user looking for local baked goods, you would most likely search those hashtags to discover that corresponding post. The hashtags were searchable, relevant, and short, which will help get more users to your post. When it comes to flooring, think about targeted hashtags that include easily-searchable phrases like best vinyl plank flooring brands, disadvantages of hickory flooring, or low-VOC vinyl flooring.

Optimize SEO

SEO is a dense topic. It is difficult to discuss everything that SEO has to offer in one quick session, but if you are using Instagram, you should be thinking about SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and basically, it is how easily your company is discovered via search engines. To help you master SEO for your business’ Instagram, here are five quick tips you should follow:

  • Have your business profile set to public
  • Include keywords in your username, profile, and bio
  • Share your Instagram content on other platforms
  • Utilize hashtags
  • Link your Instagram to other platforms

From Known to Liked to Trusted

While creating your company’s Instagram, it is important to understand that you are also establishing your brand. You want your brand to go from known to liked to trusted, and you can do so with your content and posting regularly. Ask yourself if you would trust the brand image that you are creating. Do you post high-quality photos and detailed captions? Is your Instagram bio fully complete? Do you post regularly? Ask yourself these questions when you take a look at your business’ Instagram page.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? If so, let the professionals take the burden of social media off your hands. At Creating Your Space, we have a team of brilliant social media experts, ready to take on your company’s social media mission. Don’t hesitate! Contact us today for more information.

Meet Julie: Social Media Content Manager

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To help our clients get to know our team a little better, we wanted to do a monthly series, where we will feature a teammate. This month, we are beginning with our beloved coworker, Julie S. Harris, Social Media Content Manager. To learn about Julie’s life and job role, be sure to keep reading!

Q: How Many Years Have You Been a Part of the Creating Your Space Team?

A: Five years!

Q: What Drew You to Joining the Creating Your Space Team?

A: I met with Shannon and some other members of the team and the rest is history! I have always had a passion for marketing and since that is my background, it just felt like a perfect match!

Q: What Does Your Day-to-Day CYS Work Schedule Look Like?

A: I manage all of our customers’ social media, conversations, and reviews. I also manage Facebook ads and create strategies. 

Q: How Does Your Role Affect Your Team?

A: I truly believe that Social Media is a crucial part of today’s online marketing.

Q: What Is Your Favorite Aspect of Your Job?

A: I like being social and having fun and people, so my favorite aspect is when I get to respond and engage with people. 

Q: If You Could Describe Your Work in Three Words or Less, What Would You Say? 

A: Social Media Content

Q: What Motivates You to Work Hard? 

A: I love our customers and the people on our team and in our company, so that motivates me to make them happy and proud by producing results. 

Q: What Do You Do for Fun/Hobbies? 

A: I like to hang out with friends, go golfing or shopping, do outdoor activities (kayaking, biking, running), working out at the gym and hanging with my boyfriend and our six kids.

Broncos Game

Q: What Does a Regular Weekend Look Like to You? 

A: All over the place 😊Either kid’s birthday parties, pools, festivals and/or sleepovers or golfing with my boyfriend, kayaking or going to see some live music on a patio or at a concert.

Q: What Is One Thing People May Not Know About You? 


A: I have the most severe fear of heights, so I went on one of the rides at top of the space needle, and I also skydived in Novato 2 miles down the road from Michael and Shannon. 😊  

Q: If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would You Go? 

A: Bali!

Q: Are You Passionate About Any Causes? 

A: Anything having to do with helping animals or children. (Humane Society, Children’s Hospital) 

Q: What Is Your Biggest Dream or Aspiration? 

A: That I raise happy and independent children that I can be friends and close to with when they are adults.

Thanks for being a part of our first team member Q&A. Be sure to check back next month, where we will feature another Creating Your Space employee.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

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Making a Difference

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and each year, Creating Your Space advocates the fight against breast cancer. In doing so, Creating Your Space will provide breast cancer awareness month graphics for your website, social media, and email signatures, offer custom BCA promotions through our CYS e-promotions, and provide marketing for any promotions that you have that support BCA. Additionally, this October, we will continue our “you give, we give” commitment to support the causes you support. If you are unfamiliar with it, be sure ask us for more details. For more information, contact us at or 877-297-8989.

Know the Facts

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.” –

“Getting a mammogram can help reduce the number of deaths from breast cancer by 30 to 40% among women ages 40 to 70.” – National Cancer Institute

“In the US today, there are more than 2.9 million breast cancer survivors — the largest group of all cancer survivors.” – Susan G. Komen Foundation

Social Media Team Trip | Summer 2019

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Photo Captured by Amanda Marotta

Our social media team, Shannon, Julie, and Amanda, recently went to California for a trip filled with education, strategy, and team bonding.

On the first day of their trip, the team headed to Oakland for a social media conference. The conference was filled with a variety of topics including Google Ads, Search Optimization, and Keywords. Additionally, our social media team received advanced training in Facebook and LinkedIn advertising to continue their growth and knowledge about the new changes in the industry. After the conference, our social media team began to strategize new approaches and ideas for our clients.

Our Social Media Team: Julie, Amanda, and Shannon

The rest of the week, our team began to construct new social media approaches for our clients. In fact, they were so excited about the new processes that they have already begun implementation.

Social Media Specialist, Amanda, even captured new headshots for Shannon and Julie, so be sure to visit their Creating Your Space team member profiles here.

With that being said, our social team did take time away from their screens to regroup and bond as a team. While social media is an incredibly useful asset to any business, it is important for our team to take a moment away from their computers and recharge before they return to becoming even more creative.

Our social media team had an absolute blast getting to know one another and bonding. They are incredibly excited to share, implement, strategize, and form their new ideas. Be sure to stay tuned and ask about our upcoming social media plans.

New Countertop Videos to Engage and Educate

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Creating Your Space™, the leader in digital marketing technology for flooring dealers, has launched their new countertop videos for natural stone slabs. These educational videos are the next series in the extensive product knowledge video collection Creating Your Space provides to their dealers for use in their custom websites, social media, and in-store to engage and educate consumers.

Click Here to View Videos

The natural stone countertop series includes two videos; one “Before You Buy Natural Stone Slab Countertops” and two, “Care and Maintenance.” In Before You Buy, consumers learn essential product information, what to expect from a natural stone slab, edge treatments, and seaming. This video inspires through beautiful imagery while educating and setting realistic expectations.

Before You Buy Natural Stone Slab Countertops

The care and maintenance video demonstrates the proper cleaning techniques for natural stone and provides information on the correct type of products to use while also showing what not to do when caring for a natural stone slab countertop.

Natural Stone Slab Maintenance

Next up in the video series will be Quartz countertops. To view the new countertop videos as well as the flooring video collection, visit here.

Creating Your Space™ provides digital marketing solutions to their member companies. Founded by flooring industry veterans, the company creates dynamic custom websites as well as offers a full complement of technology solutions, including Search Engine Optimization, social media campaigns, digital advertising, and other services.

Creating Your Space™ Color Technology

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Creating Your Space™, the leader in digital marketing technology for flooring dealers, is pleased to announce its color technology tools for use in their dealer’s custom websites.

84% of consumers say that color is the primary reason they buy a product according to a recent survey published on color psychology. The challenge for flooring retailers marketing multiple brands is that every supplier identifies and categorizes their colors differently. Creating Your Space™ has programmed a solution that enables the consumer to shop for flooring like they want to – by color!

This technology categorizes by RGB value every product image in each dealer’s custom product catalog – this could include hundreds of thousands of images – and sorts by 11 primary colors. Regardless of brand, product type, or style, the products are categorized and available to filter quickly and easily.

Creating Your Space has introduced two separate interactive tools based on this color technology – the ColorBar and More Like This. ColorBar enables the consumer to start the process by color or choose a product style and then sort by color. Within seconds, the product selections are narrowed down to the best products that match the consumer’s color preference.

More Like This is designed to help the consumer find complementary products by color in the product type they have chosen or across product types. Now the consumer can, in one click, find the best vinyl plank flooring, best engineered wood flooring, or best faux wood flooring products for their kitchen—that coordinate perfectly with the carpet in the adjacent great room.

Shopping by color is something that consumers have always done instinctively and now Creating Your Space™ enables them to do just this as they shop online before entering the store to buy flooring.

Creating Your Space™ provides digital marketing solutions to their member companies. Founded by flooring industry veterans, the company creates dynamic custom websites as well as offers a full complement of technology solutions, including Search Engine Optimization, social media campaigns, digital advertising, and other services.