Does My Flooring Business Need to Be Advertising on Facebook Right Now?

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In a global pandemic, your initial answer to this question would be a hard “no;” however, with people at home more than ever right now, this can be the opportune time to target homeowners.

In fact, Facebook is currently encountering a giant “surge” of active users on its platform. In the most recent statistics, Facebook has seen a 50% increase in time spent on the platform.

Additionally, flooring-related Google searches for terms such as disadvantages of cork flooring, easiest flooring to install, engineered wood disadvantages, and even brand-specific keywords like RevWood have increased as well. This means customers are still looking to buy new flooring.

With this 50% increase of active and new users—and increased customer interest in new flooring—now is an ideal time for businesses to be advertising on Facebook. In fact, while most companies are reducing their advertising budget, your business can be seen more than ever during this time. Imagine the reach and exposure that your business can see simply from Facebook advertising.

If you are interested in advertising on Facebook, Creating Your Space can make it easy. We take the guesswork out of advertising and make your life a whole lot easier. Simply contact us at for more information.

Stay Positive and Choose Joy,

Creating Your Space

Reasons Why Social Media Is Essential for Communications During a Crisis

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Social media is a viable and imperative tool for crisis communication. In fact, it can often be your company’s front-line communication source for emergency situations. If you are curious to understand why social media has a significant impact on your followers, here are four reasons why social media is essential for crisis communication:


Think about how easy it is to post something to social media. It is quite easily one of the fastest platforms for posting communications during a crisis. That being said, this feature can be a positive and a negative attribute. Since speed is your friend with social media, you need to take into account what you are saying.


Your social media posts are deliberate. They are directly and distinctly from your brand. Remember, you are talking directly to your audience; therefore, your post needs to be well-thought and consciously done.


As we previously mentioned, social media can be your first source of communication in regard to a crisis. Often, social media is where a consumer will first hear about a crisis; therefore, your response will be anticipated.


Let’s be honest; social media is a p.o.w.e.r.f.u.l. tool. Almost everyone is on social media. The reach that social media can provide your message is astronomical.

With these facts in mind, it is important for your social media message to be a well-thought-out response. Since nothing can truly disappear from the internet, you want to be present, deliberate, and fast during the time of crises.

Social Media Image Sizes

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In the social media realm, it is important to utilize the proper image sizes so that your photos do not look pixelated, grainy, or oversized. To help, we have listed the current social media image sizes for various platforms. Keep in mind that these sizes can change in the future, and it is important to stay up-to-date for the highest-quality posts.


Instagram Post: 1080 pixels by 1080 pixels

Instagram Story: 1080 pixels by 1920 pixels

Profile Picture: 110 pixels by 110 pixels


Profile Picture: 400 pixels by 400 pixels

Header Photo: 1500 pixels by 500 pixels


Personal Profile Picture: 180 pixels by 180 pixels

Business Profile Picture: 180 pixels by 180 pixels

Cover Photo: 820 pixels by 312 pixels

Shared Photo: 1,200 pixels by 630 pixels

Event Image: 1920 pixels by 1080 pixels


Channel Profile Image: 800 pixels by 800 pixels

Channel Cover Photo: 2,560 pixels by 1,440 pixels

Video Uploads: 1280 pixels by 720 pixels


Personal Profile Picture: 400 pixels by 400 pixels

Personal Banner: 400 pixels by 400 pixels

Company Profile Picture: 300 pixels by 300 pixels

Company Cover Photo: 1536 pixels by 768 pixels

Shared Image or Shared Link: 1104 pixels by 736 pixels


Profile Picture: 165 pixels by 165 pixels

Pin: 236 pixels by 600 pixels (minimum)

*Sizes may change in the future.

Creating Your Space™ Launches Design Now AI Visualization

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SAN RAFAEL, Calif., Feb. 7, 2020 – Creating Your Space™ is pleased to announce its latest retail dealer and builder visualization technology marketing tool, Design Now.

Design Now utilizes artificial intelligence (AI), allowing consumers and salespeople to take a picture of their room and within seconds view the dealer’s flooring products in their space to help finalize the buying decision. What better way to engage a consumer than to help them visualize the products they want to purchase with their furniture, wall colors, and the home’s natural lighting.

Molyneaux Flooring in Pittsburg was the first client to introduce Design Now and has been using visualization to help close business since this summer. During a recent in-home appointment, one of their salespeople experienced the power of this tool. “I presented the job and pricing, and the customer said everything sounded good, but they wished they had bigger samples in order to make a decision. I then went to my Design Now visualization tool. I used the picture I had already taken of the living room and input the color of Patriotism the customer was interested in. Both the customer and his daughter were highly impressed and said that the picture gave them a good enough idea as to how the new carpet would look and decided to purchase right then and there. I’ve made it a habit of having the visualization tool already up and ready before each appointment, for this exact reason.”

Although there are other visualization tools in the flooring market today, Design Now is unique in multiple ways:

Comprehensive, Custom Product Catalog

  • Each dealer customizes their product catalog from the hundreds of flooring brands and hundreds of thousands of products available to visualize in Design Now. From the most durable wood flooring to peel-and-stick carpet tiles, the consumers are designing with products the dealers have in their showrooms!
  • Other flooring visualization tools are limited to one or a few brands with limited products to choose from


  • Professional, custom videos in 15, 30 and 60-second versions to promote the program on TV, YouTube, Social Media, dealer’s website and elsewhere
  • Digital marketing campaigns designed and customized to drive consumer interactions
  • Dealer’s website customized to feature Design Now

Limited Distribution

  • Due to the marketing program accompanying Design Now, distribution will be limited by market area. 


  • Design Now creates leads for dealers by capturing the consumer’s contact information

Why are these features important? Because Design Now is part of the selling and closing process, it is a tool to create leads with marketing, and it is a differentiator in the marketplace.


Creating Your Space™ provides digital marketing solutions to their member companies. Founded by flooring industry veterans, the company creates dynamic custom websites as well as offers a full complement of technology solutions, including SEO platforms, social media campaigns, digital advertising, and other services. Creating Your Space™ is part of the Broadlume family of brands providing professional digital marketing services for the flooring and kitchen & bath industries.

Let’s Be Friends: Visit Us at Various Trade Shows

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It is trade show season, and we would love to meet you!

Creating Your Space will be at the following trade shows this year:

Be sure to schedule an appointment with us to discuss your website and social media needs:

Also, our team of experts will be presenting at TISE and Domotex this year. The topics will range from websites to social media, and after our presentations, you will become an expert yourself.

To sign up for the TISE sessions, please click here.

To learn more about our speakers’ TISE sessions, please click here.

To make an appointment at the CYS booth, please click here.

To see when our team is speaking at Domotex, please visit the corresponding links:

To make an appointment at the CYS booth during Domotex, please click here.

Additionally, our very own, Shannon Vogel, will be speaking at Masterclass. Click here to learn more about the event, and to sign up, you can email Jerry from Flooring Dealers & More or PM him on Facebook.

Lastly, if you have any questions for us, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at

Is It Important to Respond to Online Reviews?

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Is It Important to Respond to Online Reviews?


Yes! People look at your responses to see what kind of business you run. Think of this as an opportunity to show people that you care about your customers, you are a nice person and you have integrity. 

We recommend responding to the positive ones because if someone takes the time to give you some internet love, you show you care about your customers by taking a moment to respond (plus it is Google activity which they like). If someone gave you a gift or a compliment, you would not ignore it in person. 

Responding to the bad reviews shows that every business has problems, but you get to show how you handle things. You get to tell your side of the story. It also shows that your reputation is important to you.  Always respond with kindness and compassion first and never with offering anything for free because all that teaches people is to complain about you and they will get something for free.  

We hope that you find this helpful! If you need additional assistance responding to negative reviews, be sure to visit our previous blog post “How to Handle Negative Reviews like a Professional” for more information. Thanks for reading!

Why Are Company Blogs Important?

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A lot of businesses may not initially realize it, but company blogs can be detrimental to your brand. In the grand scheme of things, a company blog may be at the back-burner of your mind, but it can serve an essential purpose. In fact, 53% of marketers say blogging is their top content marketing priority. With marketing professionals placing a heavy-focus on blogs, it seems pretty obvious that it is a fundamental aspect of branding.

So you may be wondering, how can a blog really affect my company that significantly? We are glad you asked! Today, we are going to take a look at six reasons why company blogs are valuable. Let’s get started!

Boosts Your SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the organic use of a search engine to promote traffic to a website (aka how you are discovered). A blog can help boost your SEO by feeding content to search engines. In doing so, businesses will utilize keywords to target customers within their market. Keywords help to make a blog page more discoverable and seen by a relevant target market on search engines.

Provides Authenticity

Having a blog gives your business a name for itself. When a consumer is searching for information on a product and discover your brand’s blog, they are able to learn first-hand from an expert. This expert-to-customer conversation discreetly gives them insight into your product line. In fact, most customers will not notice that they are hearing a sales pitch when surrounded by the content in a blog. You can actually help persuade buyers into choosing your products and your business through a well-thought-out blog post.

Gives Insight on Relevant Topics

When a customer is looking to make a purchase, especially a significant investment like eco-friendly flooring or countertops, they tend to do their research. Having a company blog gives your customer first-hand knowledge into your entire product line. It lets you be the professional/expert and can guide the customer back to your website to initiate a purchase.

Stands out from Your Competitors

We get it; blogs take time and effort. With that being said, your competitors are probably thinking the same thing. In fact, you can get a leg-up on your competitors by providing an insightful blog. Also, you will want to remember that just because you have a blog does not mean that you need to post to it every day. You can actually work out a posting routine that works best with your schedule (i.e., weekly or monthly) and build the blog’s content from there.

Blogs Are Shareable

The spectacular thing about blogs is that they are multi-functional. While they provide the opportunity to redirect customers to your website, they are also shareable. In fact, your blog’s shareability is one of its most significant features. For instance, you can share your blogs on social media to redirect traffic to your blogs then to your website. Plus, if you produce quality content, others will share your blogs, further expanding your company’s reach and making your brand look more authentic and reliable.

Builds Relationships with Readers & Potential Customers

Lastly, you will be able to build quality relationships with your readers and potential customers. This factor is crucial in the grand scheme of things. You want to be an approachable and knowledgable brand, and a blog can help you accomplish this. It gives you the resource to reach potential customers and build relationships in order to initiate a purchase.

Did you know that Creating Your Space offers custom blogs? We help take the guesswork out of creating and scheduling blogs and help your business put its best blog forward. To learn more about our blog packages, visit us here or below, you can view our easy-to-read one sheeter:

*Prices and terms subject to change

Creating Your Space™ and Quote Countertops Marketing Partnership

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Creating Your Space™ and Quote Countertops are pleased to announce a joint marketing partnership to support their mutual countertop dealers.

Both businesses focus on the countertop and Kitchen & Bath dealer segment with Creating Your Space™ providing custom websites and digital marketing, while Quote Countertops offers proprietary consumer and dealer web-based custom quote tools.  Each company provides visualization tools with varying features and capabilities, ensuring dealers have an option that works for their business.

Jay Flynn, VP of Creating Your Space™ states, “Our products and services for dealers selling countertops are very complimentary, ensuring our joint customers have an advantage over their competition.  We can properly market Quote Countertops on the dealer’s website and drive traffic to this powerful lead tool with our digital marketing, ensuring maximum sales opportunities”.

Creating Your Space™ and Quote Countertops will be exhibiting at KBIS in Las Vegas, January 21-23, 2020.

Creating Your Space™ provides digital marketing solutions to their member companies. Founded by flooring and interior industry veterans, the company creates dynamic custom websites with visualization tools as well as offers a full complement of digital marketing solutions, including SEO, social media campaigns, display and search advertising, email marketing and other services.

Happy Thanksgiving

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With grateful hearts, we gather this year and reflect upon our clients and friends, who we hold so dear.

We thank you for your business and wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.

– Creating Your Space

Creating Your Space Joins New Business Channel: Kitchen & Bath

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We are excited to announce our official entry into providing custom website and digital marketing services for the kitchen and bath industry.

We will provide fully-custom websites, visualization for countertops backsplashes, customized product catalogs specific to the dealer’s suppliers, and a full range of digital marketing services to drive leads for dealers and support their efforts to generate sales.

Our Vice President, Jay Flynn stated “We have been investing in technology and content for kitchen and bath segment from our inception 19 years ago to support our builder design center customers and later, to support our flooring retail dealers that sell and support multiple kitchen and bath categories.  It is a natural transition to leverage this to supporting exclusive Kitchen and Bath dealers.”

Additionally, we will be an exhibitor at KBIS in Las Vegas from January 21-23, 2020.

Creating Your Space™ provides digital marketing solutions to their member companies. Founded by flooring and interior industry veterans, the company creates dynamic custom websites with visualization tools as well as offers a full complement of digital marketing solutions, including SEO, social media campaigns, display and search advertising, and other services

Be sure to visit us from January 21 to January 23 to learn more about our new business channel!