Meet Julie: Social Media Content Manager

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To help our clients get to know our team a little better, we wanted to do a monthly series, where we will feature a teammate. This month, we are beginning with our beloved coworker, Julie S. Harris, Social Media Content Manager. To learn about Julie’s life and job role, be sure to keep reading!

Q: How Many Years Have You Been a Part of the Creating Your Space Team?

A: Five years!

Q: What Drew You to Joining the Creating Your Space Team?

A: I met with Shannon and some other members of the team and the rest is history! I have always had a passion for marketing and since that is my background, it just felt like a perfect match!

Q: What Does Your Day-to-Day CYS Work Schedule Look Like?

A: I manage all of our customers’ social media, conversations, and reviews. I also manage Facebook ads and create strategies. 

Q: How Does Your Role Affect Your Team?

A: I truly believe that Social Media is a crucial part of today’s online marketing.

Q: What Is Your Favorite Aspect of Your Job?

A: I like being social and having fun and people, so my favorite aspect is when I get to respond and engage with people. 

Q: If You Could Describe Your Work in Three Words or Less, What Would You Say? 

A: Social Media Content

Q: What Motivates You to Work Hard? 

A: I love our customers and the people on our team and in our company, so that motivates me to make them happy and proud by producing results. 

Q: What Do You Do for Fun/Hobbies? 

A: I like to hang out with friends, go golfing or shopping, do outdoor activities (kayaking, biking, running), working out at the gym and hanging with my boyfriend and our six kids.

Broncos Game

Q: What Does a Regular Weekend Look Like to You? 

A: All over the place 😊Either kid’s birthday parties, pools, festivals and/or sleepovers or golfing with my boyfriend, kayaking or going to see some live music on a patio or at a concert.

Q: What Is One Thing People May Not Know About You? 


A: I have the most severe fear of heights, so I went on one of the rides at top of the space needle, and I also skydived in Novato 2 miles down the road from Michael and Shannon. 😊  

Q: If You Could Travel Anywhere, Where Would You Go? 

A: Bali!

Q: Are You Passionate About Any Causes? 

A: Anything having to do with helping animals or children. (Humane Society, Children’s Hospital) 

Q: What Is Your Biggest Dream or Aspiration? 

A: That I raise happy and independent children that I can be friends and close to with when they are adults.

Thanks for being a part of our first team member Q&A. Be sure to check back next month, where we will feature another Creating Your Space employee.

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