How to Utilize Pinterest for Your Business

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Each month Pinterest receives 250 million users that are in search of a specific product. Whether it be a new workout routine, a delicious recipe, or a design project for their home, Pinterest users are inspired daily by the vast selection of products readily available for them. As business owners, Pinterest can be one of the most substantial marketplaces for selling a product—whether you’re trying to push waterproof vinyl flooring like WPC or SPC (or just the best vinyl plank flooring in general), waterproof laminate flooring, the best flooring for dogs, or just about anything else under the sun. Along with free promotion, Pinterest offers promoted pins to get your product out there and seen by Pinners locally and all around the world. 

Whether you are looking to target a specific group like women or men, Pinterest offers a marketplace for sellers to get their product in front of consumers with subliminal marketing. In fact, HootSuite states that “90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make a purchase decision.” Pinterest increases brand awareness while getting your product out there for consumers to see. Imagine the audience you can reach with a regular pin. Now, if we take that standard pin and promote it, you can reach an even greater audience and target that 90% of users who are looking to make a purchasing decision.

The Pinterest realm is an unheard of concept that allows brands to knowingly promote their product without repercussion of over-marketing the product. Today, we wanted to focus on how you can utilize Pinterest for your business and ultimately grow your brand awareness. Let’s take a look!

What is a “Promoted Pin?”

Businesses pay to “promote” their Pins to audiences that would find your Pin useful. For example, Pinterest states, “these Pins will surface in your desired audience’s home feed, category feeds, and relevant search results.” A Promoted Pin can help a potential customer revisit the idea of your product and keep your business in mind when it comes to purchasing a new product.

Why Should My Business Use Promoted Pins?

Not only does promoting your Pin help your business to be seen, but Promoted Pins have a higher engagement rate than organic (non-promoted) Pins. In fact, when you promote your Pins to a wider audience, consumers are more likely to save your Pin to their board (creating even more visibility for your brand) and visit your page for more insight on similar pins. Additionally, Promoted Pins helps your brand to gain more followers. When your content is seen more often, whether a repinned Promoted Pin or an initial Promoted Pin to your targeted audience, you can gain and retain a larger following of consumers interested in your brand.

How to Master the Promoted Pin?

That is where we, Creating Your Space, come into the equation! We will help make your Pinterest brand something that consumers want to engage with and see. By creating Promoted Pins that do not look too much like “ads,” we will help subliminally target potential consumers and grow your brand exposure.

Are you interested in learning more about Creating Your Space‘s social media plans and strategies? If so, be sure to check back monthly for more insightful tips and tricks to grow your brand. Thanks for reading!

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