FloorCon 2021 Recap!

Written by Shannon Vogel on . Posted in Trade Shows

Thank you to everyone who made the time to attend FloorCon 2021. We are proud to report that the event was a huge success!

FloorCon took place in Sarasota, FL on November 16th and 17th at The Hyatt Regency. There were around 400 attendees (around 300 retailers) who came out to learn, network and experience the event. It was a great mix of existing Broadlume customers as well as attendees who are not yet customers.

We also made a big announcement! We were thrilled to announce that Broadllume has acquired RollMaster software. Stay tuned for more info on this exciting acquisition.

What better way to sum up the event than with quotes from our CEO and an attendee/customer.

“We all have those moments in business when we say “wow, that was the highlight of the day, or even the highlight of the year.”Well, FloorCon 2021 was the highlight of my career. 🥰 I am so proud to be part of the Broadlume team and to be surrounded by the retailers, manufacturers, and distributors that make this industry so great. Remember, you have one chance in life. And like my grandmother, when you are 80, you want to make sure that you have no regrets. THANK YOU SO MUCH for supporting us, your peers and the vision of changing the flooring industry. And a special thank you for helping us welcome Patrick Ferries, Dev O’Reilly and the RollMaster team to the Broadlume family of companies. Can’t wait for FloorCon 2022 in November ’22.” – Todd Saunders, CEO Broadlume

“I am a proud card-carrying member of “Team Disruption.” The team you see assembled on this stage just changed the way we will be doing business in the future. We no longer have to settle for business as usual. Change is here. Time to embrace it. If you don’t, your competitor will. Congratulations and thank you to Todd Saunders and the incredibly talented team at Broadlume.” -Deby Lehman Winter, FloorCon Attendee

One interesting thing you may not know is that our very own Jeffrey Beiber, VP of Marketing made a promise to the team that if the event sold out, he would die his hair any color the team voted on. What he didn’t expect was for Cheetah to be the winner! For full context and a photo of his new hair, check out his post on LinkedIn here!

We sincerely appreciate everyone who came to the event! If you didn’t make it, we look forward to seeing you next year at FloorCon 2022!

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