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Having trouble getting or giving admin access to your Facebook page? Whether you are using Facebook Business Manager or not, there’s a simple way to see who has access to your Facebook page, give access to others or approve a request to give someone else access to your Facebook page.

All you have to do:

  1. Simply, go to the pageĀ  (logged into your personal account)
  2. Click settings. (top right)
  3. Click page roles. (left hand side)

*If a request has been submitted for access through Facebook business manager, you will see it here. Simply click approve next to the Agency you’d like to approve and Facebook does the rest.

Sometimes it can be confusing trying to understand Facebook’s admin process.

To access a Facebook Business page, there’s no login and password to get you in. It’s all done through administrative rights. Anyone you approve admin rights to does NOT have access to your personal profile, your personal posts or your personal login or password.

To give access to a person rather than an agency:

Start typing the person’s name and if their name doesn’t appear from a dropdown list (see below)

Then, all you have to do is go to their profile, copy their unique URL and paste it in the box.

Facebook makes changes ALL the time. If you find this information and it’s out of date, please leave a comment here or email Shannon@creatingyourspace.com!

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