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Are you a flooring retailer struggling with your social media content? You’re not alone! Let’s look at some ways to help make your life easier with your social media.

The first step in a successful social media strategy is simply knowing who you are and who your audience is. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Who is my target customer?
  2. What solutions can I provide this customer?
  3. What sets me apart from my competition?
  4. What’s my strongest asset?
  5. What about my story would my customers find interesting?

Next, create a content calendar based on the answers above. Don’t let this intimidate you! Print a blank calendar and let’s get started. Think of 4-6 categories that you think you can consistently talk about. Category ideas include:

  • Inspiration
  • Education
  • Website Traffic
  • Culture
  • Project Images
  • Customer reviews/testimonials

Write these topic categories in the blank spaces of your content calendar. This is going to give you some direction and planning so that when you sit down to create content, you won’t stare blankly at your computer with no idea what to talk about! It will also ensure that you have a variety of topics spaced out over time.

Simply using your Creating Your Space website is an easy way to come up with great content. Topics on your website that are great to talk about on social media are:

  • Visualizer – show 2 different room scenes with two different products
  • Product Catalogs – Talk about how easy it is to get the process started by browsing for products
  • Design Perspectives articles – share free, helpful advice from these articles
  • From the Floors Up blog – or your own if you have one!
  • Ask our Expert – chances are your customers have the same questions
  • Lifestyle Quiz – social media users love to take quizzes
  • Style Quiz – social media users love to learn more about themselves
  • About Us – tell different parts of your story and link back to your whole story in your “about us” section

Next, get organized! Put a folder on your desktop (online or real paper) to keep everything you’ll need to succeed. This can include a list of ideas that come up during the week, photos that you have taken or that customers have sent you after a job.

Enlist help! Ask your staff to take pictures of their projects, their favorite products, working with a customer in the showroom or at a shop at home appointment. (ask permission, first!) Anytime you can include product, humans or pets in your posts they will be more successful. Remember to only use photos that you have the rights and permissions to use.

Once you have a good base of consistent content, ask us about social advertising! Social advertising gets your message out there in your local social media community to people that might not know about you yet! We are here to help.


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